izquierda Beach (Playa Izquierda)

Few minutes walking from Blue Bike Hostel, you will find Playa Izquierda. Going through the road in front of Iguana Verde Supermarket for 5 min and turn left and continue until you find a red gate, passing through the narrow path on the left you are in the forest and can breath a cool breeze.

Being in the forest, climb the hill that you will see on the left, when you arrive to the top, you will be surprised by the view to the ocean. Take care of the cliff and keep the distance.

Getting back to the the hike through the foliage of the trees; perhaps, you’ll likely be able to see several herds of monkeys on the treetops. Once you arrive to the concrete stairs, finally you find the small but extraordinary paradise of Playa Izquierda.

carrillo Beach (Playa Carrillo)

Carrillo is one of the most visited beach when traveling to Samara. Despite the beach is next to the asphalt road, there is a gap of palms that give the beach a comfortable place to stay. There is a hill in the East of the beach that offers to visitors amazing sunsets and a panoramic view to the bay. It is easy to get there: At 8:00 am the bus stops 75 meters from Blue Bike Hostel on the road to the beach, others ours the bus stops in town, the trip lasts 20 min. Riding bike can take you there in 30 min (there are bike rentals in town; however, you will find a bike in the hostel with affordable prices). Booking a taxi is another way to visit Carrillo, the approx. price in high season 2023 goes from $8 to $10 one way. When visiting Carrillo, your experience would be more amazing if you get to know playa El Roble whish is 10 min following the road to Carrillo town, the gravel road next to the school on the right will take you to this astonishing place. Do not forget to review the tides in Samara before visiting beaches; your experience will be much better when low tides. Warning: there are crocodiles in the creek next to the hill.

Sunset in Carrillo

el Roble beach (playa el roble)

10 min ahead on the road of Carrillo, you will find this hidden beach. Once you arrive to Carrillo Town, look for the school and take the road on the right, it is only one kilometer more and you will enjoy the spontaneous pools that take place on the rocks when low the tides. Take in count that the last bus coming back to Samara is at 6:30 pm

Natural pools on the rocks